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About Us

Over six years ago, Andrew & I decided to create a web site. I was motivated by a combination of my love of all things paranormal, my small conspiracy site that was getting a few hits (mostly from my friends) and the desire to grow my site; Andrew was motivated by the same thing (minus the conspiracy site), plus his disappointment in the cancellation of the Fox tv show "The Lone Gunman" (hence our name). I thought that creating a website dedicated to would be a great way to pay tribute to the show, and the both of us together just thought this would be fun to do. Then we got busy. Real busy. The combination of school and work just took too much time out of our days. When it came down to us having to choose between spending as much time as possible outside of school and work having fun or dedicating some of that time towards the site...well, guess which option won out. Going through the hassle of creating new pages and updating old ones then uploading them and testing out all the links simply took too long. This is where podcasting comes in. Andrew & I were inspired by the Mysterious Universe podcast to get things going again, and we figured that a Myspace page would be the best way to do this. So we got that up at www.myspace.com/theloneconspirators and kept that up for a while. Not only would it be easier for us to contact our legions of fans this way, but updating the "site" will be as easy as posting a new blog! If you're interested and want to be kept up to date on the latest weird happenings around the world, just subscribe to our blog and we'll try our best to do the rest for you. And if you have something that you'd love to see featured on this page, send us a message! If we like your submission, you'll be featured in one of our blogs. We have always and will probably continue to rely on our readers for the bulk of our content, so don't be shy! As for the podcast, well that just started but we are looking at ways of growing it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then by all means send us an email: LoneConspirators@gmail.com